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Tips on how to choose quality makeup brushes

Author: Date:2014/6/22 10:41:58

1. Knowing that you can not count on price to determine the quality of makeup brush at first, although quality makeup brush should be much higher than worse brush, but price is not the only criterion to choose a proper makeup brush for yourself;

Perfect makeup brushes
2. A well constructed makeup brush that is maintained properly would last over 10 years(constructure of makeup brushes), so please choose a purely handmade makeup brushes. Reasons why we need to purchase a handmade brush but not machine made makeup brushes just because handmade makeup brushes would preserve hair tips well, this feature would make your makeup more evenly and easily to apply;
3. Animal hair makeup brush could trap and hold the powder effectively, however synthetic hair(nylon /tacklon hair) is not absorbent so that it is the best tool for liquid, cream shaped foundation, concealer etc. Choose the right hair for your makeup brush become another important factor for a proper quality makeup brush;
Base makeup brush
Base makeup brush
4. Be careful on checking brush handle and ferrule, using ecofriendly glue for the join of both components;
5. Wood handle is the common handle, handle shape and painting can be customized, so painting become the only key point when purchasing wood handle makeup brushes, the painting is good enough decide the lifespan of a good makeup brush, no one would love to use a makeup brush which painting peered off or fade.
6. Rubber handle makeup brush get easier to sticky on hot weather or stuck to the leather pouch, so if your country in the tropics, please be sure to choose wood handle or plastic handle, it would be more proper for you;