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The History of Makeup Brush in China

Author: Date:2018/10/11 19:40:19

Beauty is the subject of everlasting for thousands of years. Makeup played an important role in human history from protection to decoration.

As a country with five thousand years of history and civilization, China has made great contributions in many fields. For Chinese women wore makeup as a routine, the history can be tracked back to nearly 2000 years ago. Makeup technique had very ancient surge during Tang dynasty -the Golden Age of Chinese history and makeup due to its impressive ideas and policies of openness.

There are 7 steps for makeup routine during Tang Dynasty:
1. Powdering the face: whiten face with powder for smooth face .
2. Rouging the cheeks: rosey and health color
3. Tracing the eyebrows: shave the eyebrows off use dark&blue Chinese pigment named "dai" to draw them on
4. Gilding the forehead: yellow pigment called "ocher"
5. Coloring the lips: prevent dry and cold
6. Dotting the cheeks: dimples
7. Pasting floral designs: decorate forehead flower

For these complete processes, makeup tools become more and more important for daily use.
Makeup tools for ancient Chinese women evolved with the development of the times. During Tang Dynasty, there mainly two ways to decorate their makeup. One is pasting, They shear paper or foil paper into different shapes then paste them on their forehead or cheek. Another is painting. Different painting tools were used in different social class, from tree branches to Chinese writing brush pens. They use them for gilding, dotting and pasting.

Chinese writing brush pen was created in ancient Chinese culture aimed to write. From time to time, it become a great makeup painting tool for the upper class women especially for the royal family. Therefore, Chinese writing brush pen should be deemed as the first rudiment of makeup brushes. Nowadays the production processes of makeup brush basically followed the processes of Chinese writing brush pen.

According to research, the earliest Chinese writing brush pen dating back to the Three Kingdom Period(220-265 A.D.) Then become an important tool not only during Chinese history but also modern society.

Chinese writing brush pen is made up with brush head and shaft. The head is made of different hair like goat, wolf, rat or rabbit which is soft and provide high performance.

The workmanship of the brush is exquisite and complicated since it contains more than 120 processes -- from selecting materials to the finished products. The main processes for brush head can divided into 6 steps.
1. Selecting hair. Using bone comb to select hair. To keep perfect hair for applying pigments.
2. Aligning hair. Arranging hair bristle individually by hand for a perfect shape.
3. Combing hair. Using bone comb to wipe off extra hair of damaged hair.
4. Mixing hair. Mixing different hair for different parts of the brush head.
5. Tying brush head. Using alcohol burner, ruler, rosin and wax string to tie the brush head into specified shapes.
The main processes for shaft can divided into steps.
1. Selecting materials. Select suitable material for the handle from wood, bamboo, jade or metallic.
2. Maintaining size of the handle. Precisely control the size of the handle.
3. Adding ferrule. For some size of the brushes, a ferrule is necessary for balance.
4. Measuring handle. To measure the length and straightness of the handle.
5. Installing head into the handle.