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Custom Private Label Makeup Brushes Manufacturer Enterprise Standard

Author:XiangDina Brush Date:10/12/2018 7:06:16 PM
Custom Private Label Makeup Brushes Manufacturer Enterprise Standard
Developed a private label makeup brush manufacturing standard with a view to creating a high-quality makeup brushes.

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It is only you use the perfect makeup brushes to make your face a differences!
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Various Test For Makeup Brushes:
a.Color Painting Test
b.Ferrule Glue Test
c.Low Temperature Test
d.Temperature and Humidity Measurement
e.Hot Temperature Test
f.Color Dropping Test
g.Bacterial Microbiological Test
h.Heavy Metal Testing

For example:
1.Microbiologocal Examination SGS ,Intertek, BV TEST
2.SVHC List 174(REACH)European Regulation (EC) 

Making Standard Of Private Label Makeup Brushes
Release Date: Oct.20th,2018 Execution Date: Oct.20th,2019
Released by China XiangDina Brush Cultural Co., Ltd

1. Preface……………………………………………………………………….1
2. Application Scope Of Makeup Brushes………………….………..……...2
3. Normative Reference……………………………………….……….……...3
4. Terms And Definitions Of Makeup Brushes.……………….……..……...4
5. Private Label Makeup Brushes Classification…………………….……...5
6. Custom Makeup Brushes Technical Requirements……………………...6
7. Test Method For Quality Of Makeup Brush Set.………………………….7
8. High quality Makeup Brushes Inspection Requirements………..……....8
9. Signs, Package, Transportation And Storage………………………….....9


Drafted according to the rules of GB/T 1.1-2009.
Centralized by Vonira Beauty Makeup Brush Workshop QC department.
Draft Unit:Vonira Beauty Technology Co.Ltd、Changsha Chanmy Cosmetic Co., Ltd
Main drafters:Liu Bin, Chen Ting,Li Dan.
First released on Sep.27 2014,revised on Oct.12 2018.
Validity period:one year only

1 . Application Scope Of Makeup Brushes

This standard specifies the classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage of cosmetic brushes produced by our factory.
This standard applies to cosmetic brushes made from natural animal hair or man-made fibers or synthetic hair.

2. Normative Reference
The following documents are essential for the application of this document.
For the reference document of the date, only the version of the date applies to this document.
For the undated reference document, the latest version (including all modifications) is applicable to this document.
GB/T 191 Packing Transportation Storage Marking
GB/T 2828.1-2012 Count Sampling Inspection Procedures -Part 1 : Batch Inspection Sampling Plan Based on the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL).
GB/T 2829 Cycle inspection of Count Sampling Procedures and Tables (applicable to test process stability)
GB 5296.3 Consumer Product Instructions for Cosmetics General Label
QB/T 1685 Cosmetic Product Packaging Appearance Requirements
GB/T 27575 Makeup Brushes,Brush Accessories
Health Supervision No. [2007] 1 Cosmetics Hygienic Standard

3. Terms And Definitions Of Makeup Brushes
The following terms and definitions are applied with this document.
Private label makeup brush accessories include: makeup brush handle, makeup brush tube, makeup brush hair head and brand name logo.
Beauty tools are mainly used for auxiliary coating, modification and cleaning of makeup.

4. Private Label Makeup Brushes Classification
4.1. According to the material of make-up brush head, it is divided into: Animal brush (goat hair makeup brushes, horse hair makeup brushes and other animal hair makeup brushes), artificial fiber brush (nylon hair makeup brush, synthetic hair makeup brushes and affordable hair makeup brushes).
4.2. According to the use of cosmetic brushes: fan brush,powder brush,blush brush,contour brush ,foundation brush ,medium angled shading brush,eyeshadow brush,smudge brush,eye contour brush,eye Liner Brush,Lip brush,angled brow brush,concealer brush etc.

5. Custom Makeup Brushes Technical Requirements

5.1. Appearance
Makeup brushes shape is smooth, has no sharp edges and no burrs. And the handle tail does not cause harm to the human body.
5.1.1. Makeup brushes hair
a)Natural Animal Hair: natural hair color, soft fur.
b)   Synthetic hair: slim and soft hair peak, hair with good elasticity.
C)Hair is neat, straight, no obvious split ends , uniform tailored, no hair color difference, no abnormal hair radian and no more than 5 warped hairs.
5.1.2. Makeup brushes tube — aluminum tube or copper tube
a)No more than 3 scratches on the surface.
b)Smooth surface, no dirt, no rust.
c)No exposed adhesive.
d)Flat Pipe mouth, no dislocation, no lines, print custom logo to be clear and complete lines.
e)  Private label on the makeup brushes tube cannot fade.
5.1.3. Makeup brushes handle
Makeup brushes handle surface is smooth and has no cracks. Wooden makeup brushes handle: no long silt paint, no decay and no moth. Plastic makeup brushes handle: no shrinking, no burr. Print custom logo to be clear and complete lines .Private label on the makeup brushes handle cannot fade.
5.1.4. Assembly of makeup brush handle and makeup brush head.
The finished makeup brush is correctly, fitly and firmly assembling.
5.2. Hair Fallen Amount
The hair off amount should conform to the regulation of table 1 after the hair
off test.
Table 1 hair fallen amount                                                                                                                               Unit: Piece
Brush Hair Width(mm)
Static load Pull Force(N)
After static load test, the hair bundle adhesion is normal, brush hair and brush tube do not disconnect
5.3.2 Makeup Brushes Handle Bending Resistance
Makeup brushes handle bending resistance should conform to the regulation of table 3.
Table 3 Brush Handle Bending Resistance
Brush handle diameter(mm)
Exerting force(N )
5.3.3 Heal Resistance
No abnormalities within 20 minutes in the High temperature 50℃±2℃/Low temperature -18℃±2℃ environment . And the brush bundle firmness is above 90% compares to the firmness under normal circumstances.
5.4 Hair Microbial index
Hair Microbial index of natural animal hair makeup brushes should conform to the regulation of table 4.
Table 4 Microbial Index
Total No. Of Colony (CFU/g)
Total No. Of Mould and Yeast(CFU/g)
Thermotoletant coliforms bacteria(g)
Staphylococcus aureus (g)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (g)

5.5. Makeup Brush Hair Harmful Elements Limitation.
Makeup brush hair harmful elements limitation should conform to the regulation of Table 5.
Table 5 Provision for limit of baneful elements.
Arsenic (mg/kg)
Cadmium (mg/kg)
Hexavalent Chromium (mg/kg)
Lead (mg/kg)
Mercury (mg/kg)

6. Test Method For Quality Of Makeup Brush & Brush Set

6.1. Appearance
In Natural light or under fluorescent lamp light, visually inspect the hand-held brush 290 mm-310 mm away from the eyes.
6.2. Hair Fallen Amount
Struck the brush hair gently by hand in the same direction and check the fallen hair amount.
6.3. Physical Property
6.3.1. Hair Bundles Firmness
Test the makeup brush sample at room temperature, fixed the test part on tensimeter, pull slowly to the static load pressure value and hold for 5 second and inspect by visual.
6.3.2. Makeup Brush Handle Bending Assistance
Test device is a 0-500 N tension machine with reverser. At 20℃±5℃ temperature condition, put the sample on the right and left pivots at the distance of 50 mm. Machine 6 mm pressure head is perpendicular to the axis to the brush sample, and acting on the middle of the span, with uniform 100 mm/min±10 mm/min descending speed. Turn on the machine, load to the specified value and check if there is any fracture or obvious bending. ( No demand for makeup brush handle shorter than 50 mm).
6.3.3. Heal Resistance
Put the makeup brush samples in high 50℃±2℃, low -18℃±2℃ temperature environment in turn for 20 minutes. Then take out the samples and no abnormality of the makeup brush hair and makeup brush handle by visual inspect, then test the hair bundle firmness according 6.3.1.
6.3.4. Custom Logo Wear Resistance
Use the nail to scrape the private label on the makeup brushes 3 times, the private label will not fall off, the lines are still clear and complete.
6.4 Microbiological Index
6.4.1 Sample Preparation
Extract 12 minimum sales package samples from two transport packaging of the same batch. Half for testing and half for retention. Sampling minimum packages should have no breakage and not be opened before testing. Open at least 3 testing packages by aseptic method in 100 level purification condition. Sampling from each package and weight out accurate 10 g±1 g hair sample. Make a normal saline liquid sample of mixing well the shredded hair and 90 ml sterilized normal saline.
6.4.2 Sample test
Test by the regulations of National Food and Drug General Supervision and Administration No.268 announcement Cosmetic Safety Technical Specification, 2015 (2015 edition)
6.5. Makeup Brush Hair-provision for limit of baneful elements
Test the inclusion of Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead and Mercury according to the regulation of GB28480-2012 Adornment-Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements.

7. High quality Makeup Brushes Inspection Requirements
7.1. Factory Inspection and Pattern Inspection
7.2. Factory Inspection
7.2.1. Inspect the makeup brush of same product date, same variety and same specification in Lot 1.
7.2.2. Factory inspection, according to GB/T2828.1-2012, by using the special inspection Ⅱ Level to check Lot 1. Inspection Item and AOL Value as Table 6 show. One Item of each sample batch is unqualified, all the samples are judged as unqualified.
Table 6 Inspection Item、AQL value
Inspection Item
AQL Value
Hair Fallen Amount
7.2.3. When factory inspection is judged as unqualified, the unqualified items can be reinspected within double sampling of the batch. The products would be judged as unqualified if one item is still unqualified in the reinspection.
7.3. Pattern Inspection
7.3.1. Pattern inspection should be made under one the following circumstances.
a)New products’ design appraisement.
b)When notable variations in product structure, material or technique may have effect on its performance.
c)At least once a year after normal production.
d)When the government authorities request inspection.
7.3.2. Pattern inspection items includes all the items specified in this standard.
7.3.3. According to GB/T2829-2002 regulations, pattern inspection is carried out by adopting the Level I judgement of single sampling plan. The decision array of the unqualified classification, inspection item, sample quantity, rejectable quality level (RQL value) are as shown in Table 7.
Table 7 Scheme of Sampling Pattern Inspection
Inspection Item
 Unqualified Classification
 Microbial Index
               As rule of 6.4.1
 Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements
 Hair Fallen Amount
 Physical Property
7.3.4 Pattern inspection is unqualified if A,B or C is unqualified,Unqualified type test.

8. Label, Package, Transportation and Storage.

8.1. Label
Product package should includes following signs: product name, Factory name and address, Operate norm, quantity and production date.
8.2. Packaging
Product should includes package, with qualified certification and instructions in the package box.
8.3. Transportation
Prevent heavy pressure, collision and rain, and do not mix with toxic, harmful and corrosive goods during the transportation.
8.4. Storage
The products should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated storehouse, away from heat source, and prevented from moisture and sun.