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Author: Date:2018/10/11 19:37:17

Many people love cruelty free brushes to avoid animal test during their pursuit of beauty. We all know that animal hair is really soft and excellent in picking up powders. But it is too expensive and not environmental friendly.

Synthetic is cheap, but most of them can not pick up desired amount of products as we need. As synthetic bristle is human made with smooth surface, without animal or human hair cuticle.

MCF, same as Micron Crystal Fiber, is a new unique synthetic fiber using micro-level technology. By imitating animal hair cuticle, MCF is not only soft and elastic, but also good at picking up desired amount of products.

The fiber is covered with Micron Crystal texture on the surface and has great ability of picking up products like animal hair. MCF also does a great job when applying powders, liquid precisely and blending the products naturally.The hair is made using leading edge Nano technology, where the surface of the synthetic fiber is “etched” using unique micron crystallized particles.

MCF bristle has a unique design of three sections.

Peak section: Ultra thin peak, making the brush feel super soft and tender
Neck section: Cut into indent shape with Micro-level technique makes the bristle ultra soft and elastic
Main section: It’s covered by Micron Crystal texture, enabling the bristle to pick up the powder or liquid evenly.

By the way, it is very easy to clean, maintain and will not shed, which is different from animal hair.
MCF is highly customizable:

· It can be combined with regular synthetic hair (for cost reduction).
· Hair can come MCF-P for powder uses, or MCF-L for liquid uses.
· Hair can be extra soft, soft or medium.
· Hair can be long, medium or short.
· Hair colour can be made white, brown, black, sable, pony or custom.

Vonira Beauty now can supply MCF hair brushes with different requirements. If you are interested in getting some new designs for your current makeup brushes line, please send us email at: sales@vonirabeauty.com or call us +86 731 85222808
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