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Why Your Brand Makeup Brushes Have Negative Comments about Hair Shedding

Author: Date:2019/4/26 19:44:25

Makeup brushes are an essential part of any beauty junkie’s kit.
The difference a good makeup brush can make to your beauty routine is nothing short of amazing. In fact, with a good brush you can expect even coverage with an airbrushed finish that looks completely natural.However,a wrong quality brush can make your face in a bad mood all day!



"There are several reasons a makeup brush might shed," explains Patinkin, a famous professional makeup artist. "With handmade brushes where the bristles are manually bundled, they may just not be bundled tightly enough. Most makeup brush manufacturers glue the bristles in place—but, when that's done carelessly, bristles can fall out. This will happen when the glue gets wet (from washing your brush incorrectly), or, over time, hairs can come loose. Sometimes, it's just the quality of the bristles overall—broken, damaged or dried-out hairs are the first ones to fall out."

When it comes to hair shedding, we have to talk about how does a makeup brush made. A high-quality brush is strictly handmade in accordance with the requirements of production guidance from hair weighting, hair combing to assembling.

Several handmade processes will have impacts on the hair shedding.Only complete these process accurately with qualified materials, will not the makeup brushes fall apart.

First of all, the hair material is an important element to hair shedding. If the quality of the hair is poor, the short hair would broke or if the length of the hair is not enough to meet the requirement, the unqualified hair will definitely fall.

A indispensable process for hair shaping is hair combing. For this process, craftsmen will remove a part of the short hair. But still, there will definitely be some remnant, which falls off during first time washing.

After shaping the hair in the certain cup as required, it comes a crucial importance— hair tying. The bristles should be tied with a string and then inserted into the copper ferrule. The high-quality animal hair is very slender and soft. If it is tied too tight, the hair will be broken. If it is tied too loose, that will lead to glue leaking during gluing process. Only skilled craftsmen with years of experiences can complete this process accurately.

Gluing, this should be the most important process which plays a decisive role in not shedding hair. The glue shoud be strong, waterproof and high temperature resistance. Otherwise,the brush will fall apart during washing.


"Unfortunately, there are plenty of makeup brushes that shed initially during use," says Patinkin. "It's just a matter of time and how long you're willing to ride it out. But, the way you wash and dry your makeup brushes can go a long way to help prevent shedding."

First of all, don’t use hot water which temperature is over 40℃. Using a gentle detergent when you wash natural hair brushes will prevent them from drying out and snapping off.

Secondly,don't get the water higher than the point at which the metal ferrule meets the handle of the brush.

Thirdly, wash your brush as gentle as possible. Wash it like wash your own hair. After washing, use a water-absorbent towel or paper towel to gently squeeze from the bottom of the hair(ferrule side) to the tip of the hair. Do not RUB it with a towel.

Then,laying down the brush to dry on your dresser or with the brush head hanging over the edge of the counter.

Finally, don't be too rough and press down too hard on your makeup brushes when you're applying makeup, as this can cause bristles to snap.


PS:Also in the production of brush heads-the most important:
A qualified makeup brushes will need about 120 production strict steps.
As a professional makeup brush factory,should have a strict production process to avoid hair falling during production and inspection:
For example,during the makeup brush production,before mold the natural hair shape, they can comb the brush materials very clean,let the short or extra bad get out,and then glue the hairs into ferrules to get the brush head ; after the glue is dry out, and comb the brush head by hand again to remove the mess/extra hair.
So always pelase choose a qualified brand brushes even it is little higher cost,it will worth your value,time and hapiness!